10 scientifically proven facts about creativity


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It is true that creativity cannot be built but certainly we can enhance our creative approach and skills.

Like we can play guitar with practice.

1). Creative individuals demonstrate a willingness to face challenges from a wide angle beyond their initial innings.

2). Travel, vodka and meditation can all make you more creative.

3). All people experience moments of ordinary creativity that allow for daily work.

4). It becomes a means of a rewarding end if creativity mites plants.

5). Nothing really improves. By boosting stamina, your creativity boosts your sex life and reduces stress.

6). Bilingualism and multilingualism can improve one’s creative skills.

7). All creative discovery begins when the Thinker Percy is an external stimulus and processes it and his mind.

8). Just to make people creative.
It enhances their creativity.

9). Creative thinkers have slow nerves.

10). Dopamine increases with reinforcement. Neurobiologist is also concerned with creativity. This means that it makes people creative.

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