21 day social media detox.


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We all stay at home with our gadgets, mobile phones etc. and we all spend most of our time on our social media. We need to ask ourselves if we are spending enough time with our loved ones? Here are 21 tips to limit media detox.

Day 1: No Facebook till noon (ie till 12 noon)

Day 2: There is no social media update today, count WhatsApp too.

Day 3: No social media scrolls till 11 am.

Day 4: Instead of wasting and wasting time, call your three friends.

Day 5: Twitter free day, yay !!

Day 6: Meditation 15-20 minutes, phone free.

Day 7: Limit social media to 30 minutes today.

Day 8: Not a day Facebook.

Day 9: There is no social media status update today.

Day 10: An hour-long activity you’ve never done before.

Day 11: No SMS till 12 noon.

Day 12: No video call till 12 noon.

Day 13: Surprise a loved one! No phone night.

Day 14: Instagram Free Day!

Day 15: No social media scrolling till 4 pm.

Day 16: No call on food all day.
Day 17: Read for 45 minutes today.

Day 18: Zero Social Media Scrolling Today.

Day 19: Exercise without a phone.

Day 20: Help your mother at home.

Day 21: Limit your phone to 45 minutes.

We are technically involved in our daily lives. We have to limit them to protect them from their harmful radiation. And virtually to spend more time in the real world instead.

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