25 things instead of sitting on COUCH.


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Instead of lying on the couch and scrolling your Instagram, here are a few things you can do that will make you feel better.

In 5 minute intervals

Make a thank you list
Dance party
Send a voice note to a friend

In 10 minute intervals

Enjoy a hot drink without any distraction.
A real journal
Unsubscribe from an annoying mail
learn a new language.

In an interval of 15 minutes

read a good book.
Declare a drawer
Write a page in your diary / or letter.
Give your social media feed a facelift.

In a time interval of 30 minutes

Call a friend or someone special
Take a walk in nature.
Listen to a podcast.
Take a long walk

In 1 hour interval
Take an online course.
To cook something new.
Create a vision board.
play a board game.

These are listed some of the simple things we can all do and it will promote not only our inner self but also our external behavior.

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