30 days of being productive


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Everyone wants to be productive and contribute to the work they are doing right?

If you are thinking about who you are your most productive, then you hit the right page. Listed below are some tips and tricks by which you can optimize your productivity. check them out.

Keep an eye on your activities and see how much time each of them takes.

Write down your goals and activities.

Drink water as soon as you get up.

Identify and perform your single task.

Organize your work space.

Check your email regularly.

Set your morning alarm fifteen minutes early.

Identify your last 5 tasks in the last week that generate 80% of your results.

Get your accountability partner or join a support group.

Browse the Internet with only one tab open.

Make your bed in the morning.

Talk to someone you see and ask them their # 1 productivity tip.

Create a productivity list.

Think of the small win from last week and celebrate it.

Schedule a distracted rest period in the middle of the day.

Meditate in the morning.

Choose a task and automate it.

Select a task and delegate it.

Choose a habit you want to develop and do it.

Select a habit you want to end and are doing.

Review the previous week and cut your biggest time waster.

Walk or walk for 20 minutes.

Learn something new through books, podcasts and TED talks.

Hug someone who supports you.

Reward yourself for your greatest achievement this month.

Change your desktop or phone wallpaper with motivational quotes.

Get 8 hours of sleep.

Eat your healthy food for the week.

Go to the latter list.

Stop making the list.

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