3D printing: epoch-making invention


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What is 3D printing?

Three-dimensional printing or 3D printing is a process of creating a 3D object from a digital design or blueprint of a particular object. It is a process of additive manufacturing. Objects are made by depositing thin layers of liquid or powder materials such as plastic, cement, or metal, and then folding the layers together. And this is done using a 3D printer machine.

Who invented 3D printer?

The original idea for 3D printing was put forward by Charles Hull. He invented stereolithography. This technique is similar to 3D printing. Under this technique, a smaller version of the product is made and tested before producing the actual product. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used to create 3D models under this process.

A more advanced process of 3D printing is SLS (selective laser sintering). It uses an additive manufacturing process and a powdered polymer, mostly nylon, to make the items. A laser beam is used to hold the powder material together, layer by layer.

Nowadays, FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is most commonly used for 3D printing. It was developed by Scott Crump. To create an object, the printer heats the material to transform it into its liquid form. And then layer by layer is added to make this fluid.

Different ways to make stuff

There are 4 ways to make different things. They are –

  1. Poor manufacturing – In subtraction manufacturing, a lump of different raw materials is used to make different products. Raw materials such as wood or metal etc. are used for the process. This may involve making chairs by subtracting wooden parts. Or creating sculptures by removing parts of pieces of metal.
  2. Formation – This is the process in which a block of material is applied to give it a particular shape. For example pottery or clay is taken as raw material and applied to shape it into beautiful utensils or utensils or bowls etc.
  3. Casting – This is the process in which a solid is melted in its liquid form. And then it is poured into the mold, to make a special product. Then the object is taken out of the mold. Various hardware, machinery parts, gears are made using castings.
  4. additive manufacturing – This is the way in which we don’t have anything to begin with, and you take your stuff and add it exactly where you want it until you have your final item. . 3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing. It involves building objects by adding small layers at once. First, a blue print or digital drawing is made of an object to be made in a computer. And then the computer creates a special type of file that it sends to the 3D printer. And then the printer prints the object layer by layer.

How is 3D Printing Useful?

3D printing can help people create new shapes and objects that were not possible before. For 3D printing, any type of material can be used like plastic, metal, or even food items. Even the living cells that make up our bodies can be used as a material for 3D printing. Nowadays this technology is being used by engineers to make parts of jet engines, which are lighter and stronger to make airplanes more efficient and use less fuel. It is used by doctors to make hands, hands and feet that fit perfectly for patients who need them. Even chefs are experimenting with this technique to make new foods amazing. Hospitals are also using it, to make cartilage, the thing from which our ears are made. Now hospitals are trying to 3D print organs of our body. Even nowadays, 3D printing process is being used for construction of houses in a very short time. 3D printing is reaching new heights day by day. Some experts also consider it as an industrial revolution.

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