5 great steps to make a habit of study


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5 great steps to make a habit of studying:

Choose a study habit

How to set your study habit:

List activities that you can do regularly to reach academic goals. Think about activities that fit your learning style.

Select the exact hour of the day.

Define study habit.

How to develop your study habit: Do three parts of your study habit,

Trigger- something that initiates an activity. Action- The activity you do is the main part of the habit.

Inam- the method of treating oneself. Repeat this daily. How to automate your habit:

Do it at the same time every day. Some take 28 days to achieve a habit, others 30,60 or even 90. Try 30 days and see progress, do not miss any day.

Track your study habit.

How to record your study habit.

Write notes about your habit in a magazine or tracker every day for 30 days. Contains columns for number of days, date, trigger, action, reward and comments you have.

Evaluate the habit.

How to analyze your habit: After 30 days assess whether the habit is automatic. If not, keep doing it and keep track of it. See if it is effective and helps you reach your academic goals. If it is automatic and effective then maintain a good habit of study.

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