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introduction :

The hype is staggering, receiving 5G leaks. This is just the next generation, but why is there a huge publicity for it? Why do we need it? Does it cost more? How to save money? Did 5G harm birds? Who will be the first to launch? What can we expect from those changes? …

Yes, our views are many, and this blog will serve some interesting facts.


5G is a fifth generation mobile network that aims to connect virtually everyone.

Features :

Deliver high multi Gbps data

low latency

uniform motion

Large-scale network capability.


This is the word we heard among gamers. It is nothing but signals received with time delays.


We probably experience this more when playing extensive games using a medium or low-quality headset, we feel a slight delay in hearing the sounds.

History :

5G has not been invented by any specific person or company. But there are more companies contributing to the 5G ecosystem. Qualcomm has played a key role in 5G.

way :

5G is based on OFDM method. OFDM is known as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. It is used to modify the digital signal in many digital channels to reduce interface.


It operates on the same networking principles as 4G LTE. But it has NR air interface with OFDM principle to offer high speed and flexibility.


This brings wider bandwidth, and they can operate in both lower bands of sub-6 Ghz and mm-wave of 24Ghz and above. This helps reduce latency and speed up data.

Unlike 4G, it is not used only for mobile networking. It can be extensively used for communication and control with IoT.

5g results?

5G has generated approximately $ 2.1 trillion in GDP growth and approximately 22.3 million new jobs.

category :

It is used in connected services in 3 main categories Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Mission-Critical Communication and Massive IoT.


It is designed to deliver peak data rates of up to 20Gbps based on IMT 2020 requirements.


Qualcomm Snapdragon has introduced two modems that support the 5G band are Qualcomm Snapdragon x55 Qualcomm Snapdragon x60

launch :

5G is already here today. Launching more countries has started since early 2019, and we can expect everywhere before 2025.

Many network carriers worldwide support 5G.

India :

In India, we can expect 5G from network carriers like Jio, airtel and VI. And Jio has been around since January 2021 to begin its rollout.


The launch of 5G capable new devices with very low prices from Jio could encourage more people to switch to 5G. We can also expect more affordable or free 5G plans for our new Jio Phone users.


And for other users with devices from different brands, they can expect even fewer rewards than 4G to gain more numbers of new users, at least for the time being.


They set up with updated technology while installing 4G towers. Which are capable of 5G. Therefore, it became easy for Jio to step into the 5G era.

In case of 5G they are required to install more number of towers than 4G.

More towers for shorter distances due to better data speed experience.

Wave’s :

Typically, the waves going from towers to our device are less compared to 4G. Small waves cannot traverse a vast distance and over walls. Therefore, we need more towers to send and receive signals.


It may be the turn of many towers to install towers to install more towers that affect agriculture and ecosystems.

Even with a shortage in agricultural land we can expect a peak in rewards for vegetables.


A large number of towers with high bandgap frequency will have a huge impact on the health of birds. And it may also allow the extinction of some rare species of birds.


Connection with large-scale IoT devices lets us interact more with devices, and will make our lives smarter than ever.

a R:

The invention of high-specialty technologies in augmented reality that takes our experience in gaming to the next level.


It will also have a wide impact on employment opportunities. 5G technology is set to usher in a new level of automation.


These technologies have a high number of critics and relatives. With a big impact on one side trending new innovations on the other.

I’m ending this with the hope of seeing some eco-friendly products that protect the species from near-extinction in the coming years.

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