6 things you need to know about Adobe Illustrator


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So graphic designing is in trend, and the most adorable application for it is Adobe Illustrator. And this is one of my favorite applications.
Please check the 10 most common and useful things that one should know about the application.

1). Working with templates: Create a new document >> Create your custom library (select Window> Action> Delete Unused Panel Items> Current)
Create your new document from template as Save> New from Template.
Let’s start creating in Illustrator.

2). Appearance: The presence of an object includes its filler and stroke, color, stroke panel settings, transparency panel settings, effects. It lists specific appearance attributes and settings for which every layer, group, or object is currently targeted to the Layers panel.

3). Symbols: These are illustrator objects that are stored in the symbol panel. You use the Symbols option to create an ocean, tree, or cloud and quickly create them and quickly assemble them into the symbol set. We use the symbol sprayer tool.

4). Brushes: There are 5 types of decorative brushes that we can apply to calligraphy, bristles, art, patterns and scatter paths. This can be done by selecting either paint brush tool. Or brush tool and then resize or apply it to the existing path. You can also modify and save the brush.

5). Color Guide: This one is very artistic because you can play with different colors. Use the Color Guide panel to generate schemes from the base color by selecting a harmony rule or variation type (tint, shade, warm-cool, etc.). You can set your own color and swipe with the help of the color panel and save it as well.

6). Live Paint: Double click on the Live Paint Bucket tool> select the paint bucket that was taken, the object you wanted to paint.
You can also use the left / right arrow buttons to color with a swatch.

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