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Hello everyone I am Simran Shriwas and today I am discussing a very important topic which is “Goal”.

A goal is a concept of a future or intended outcome that is conceived, conceived and committed to an individual or a group of people.[1] By setting a goal, the goal of the people is almost equal to the goal or purpose of the poster displaying the Millennium Development Goals at UN Headquarters, the desired outcome that guides the response, or an end that has internal meaning as an entity , Either a tangent object.

# Common Meaning of Target.

Goal-setting theory was developed based on empirical evidence and was considered to be one of the most important theories of organizational psychology. In 2002, the main results of the theory were intensively analyzed by Edwin A. Latham, father of goal-setting theory. In summary, Locke and Latham found that clear, challenging goals contribute to high success.

# According to Locke and Latham, goals affect performance in the following ways.

Objectives increase focus and commitment in goal-relevant operations, improve goal persistence, prolonged effort with difficult goals, and significantly contribute to the exploration and use of information and techniques related to objective stimulation and tasks Huh. Many factors rely on a positive relationship between objectives and outcomes. Second, the objective must be considered relevant and dedicated to the individual.

Some characteristics of a goal help to identify the goal and assess a person’s motivation to achieve that goal. Goal characteristics make it possible to assess what motivates a person to achieve a goal and can predict goal achievement with other personal characters.

stics.[citation needed]Importance is determined by the goal, severity, importance, priority and indication of a goal.[10][page required] Importance may vary from high to low.

#aim Management in organizations

Goal management in organizations involves the process of understanding or meeting the goals of individual team members, dropping goals that are no longer important, defining and resolving disagreements between goals, and optimal team coordination and productive tasks. Set consistent priority goals for This means generating income for any effective business system with the best quality of products or the best quality of services available to end users (customers) at the best possible cost.

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