A compound preposition and preposition phrase


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Compound preposition

A combination of words (in that order) is considered as a proposition which means a compound representation. Mixed preface is often used in English. Very often, though not always, these personal words are propositions by themselves.

like. Rama went to the forest with Sita. [“along with” is on compound preposition & along and with are prepositions by themselves]

For example, I know the use of compound propositions and for you, I am not so sure. [“as for” is one compound preposition & as and for are prepositions by themselves

e.g. He got to this position by means of his own knowledge and merit.[by means of is one compound preposition. While by and of are prepositions by themselves, means is not.]

Prepositional phrase

A preposition with its object stands for a prepositional phrase. A preposition phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun, a pronoun, a gerund or a clause. There are different or more modifiers to explain the object of sponsorship over and over again.

A preposition phrase can be taken from one of these forms

Proposition + (noun, pronoun, gerund or clause)

Preposition + (Modifier) [s]) + Pronoun, gerund or clause)

Like, he was at home when he was reading the newspaper [The word ‘at’ is a preposition, and the word ‘home’ is its object and is a noun.]

Example: I received a letter from my grandmother yesterday. [The word ‘from’ is a preposition, ‘my’, a modifier, and grandmother’, a noun.]

Like, my dad advised my sister not to worry too much.[Against’word’isapreposition’excessive’isamodifierand’alarming’isacrowd)[Theword’against’isapreposition’excessive’amodifierand’worrying’agerund)[‘केखिलाफ’शब्दएकपूर्वसर्ग’अत्यधिक’एकसंशोधकऔर’चिंताजनक’एकगेरुंडहै)[Theword‘against’isapreposition‘excessive’amodifierand‘worrying’agerund)

For example, Tony went to the customer where the tickets were being sold.[Theword”from’isaprepositionHerethefirst’counter’actsasamodifierandwherethereisasectionshowingthepenaltybox)[Theword”to’isaprepositionHerethefirst’the’actsasamodifierofcounterandwheretsignsreasons)[शब्द”से’एकपूर्वसर्गहै।यहांपहला’द’काउंटरकेएकसंशोधककेरूपमेंकार्यकरताहैऔरजहांटिकटबेचेजारहेथेएकखंडकोदर्शाताहै)[Theword“to’isaprepositionHerethefirst‘the’actsasamodifierofcounterandwheretheticketswerebeingsoldsignifiesaclause)

A short exercise to find prepositional phrases

  1. I cannot submit this report without your knowledge.
  2. He asked me to take him to the temple.
  3. Popcorn in the vegetable bin are golden with mold.
  4. He got a reply from his professor.
  5. When he heard his friend’s arrival, he left for the station in a flash.
  6. She was advised to constantly worry about the future.
  7. It was hard to believe that he was far ahead of his classmates in the race.
  8. Her arguments in the debate competition were much shallower than her friend, which was much deeper.
  9. AR Rahman loves working behind the scenes.
  10. He firmly believes that there is always a way out of any problem.

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