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Theme : Treat others well

Once a sage lived in an ashram. He has two disciples who are brothers to each other. The sages teach them ethics every day. Once he decided to test how much knowledge he gained by learning his teachings.

He called both brothers. The sage gave bananas to each and insisted them for bananas, where no one surrounded them, no one should see them while eating bananas and returned by evening. Then both the disciples started walking towards the forest in different directions.

The elder brother went so far and reached a place where no one was present around him. But, he did not eat bananas because the sun was falling on him and he felt that the sun was watching him but his Gurgi said that no one should be seen eating bananas. So, he did not eat and started walking, he found a place under the tree where he goes under the tree and finds shade where he ate the banana.

Both his brothers reached the ashram in the evening. The sage saw them that the elder brother asked if you had eaten the banana, then one replied to his Guruji that the situation they had gone through and finally ate the banana in the shade of a tree and returned to Guruji without a banana. went.

. The sadhu asked the younger why did you not eat the banana? Small replied that I cannot find a place where no one is present. No thoughts have arisen in my mind. GOD is present everywhere. He is watching me so I have not eaten.

MORAL: Everything we do may not see good or bad people, but the GOD always watches and will definitely one day have a decision. Therefore do good to others and be blessed.

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