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What is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant. It has been developed by Amazon. The main brain behind the development of Alexa is an Indian man named Rohit Prasad. It was initially released on 6 November 2014. It was developed for its Echo and Echo Dot computing devices. Its price is around 4500-10,000 Indian rupees. Alexa has capabilities such as other voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Samsung Bixby.

Rohit Prasad – Chief Head Behind Alexa

Alexa answers voice commands and queries. It can give information on any genre from product reviews, music, daily news to weather forecasting, sports and many more. Amazon Web Services allows Alexa, to learn its user habits, preferences, routines, and expand its functions over time.

Now Alexa is also present in various other Amazon products, such as Fire HD tablets, Fire set-top box products and more. Several 3rd party products have also been developed such as Ford’s SNNC automobile infotainment system, Ring home security system and Philip’s Hue smart light set.

Some features of Alexa

It has infinite features. Some of its features are music playback, setting alarms, voice interactions, helping create a to-do list, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, telling stories, providing daily news, weather Prediction, traffic information and the list goes on. It also has the ability to control various smart devices where it uses itself as a home automation system.

How does Alexa work?

Alexa runs on the foundations of data and machine learning. Whenever Alexa makes a mistake in interpreting a request, that mistake is used to make the device smart. And this rapid improvement is possible due to machine learning. Its cylinder has the combined capabilities of speakers, a microphone and a small computer. The computer wakes up the system and is light whenever the system is powered on. And whenever you ask Alexa something, it records the voice. It then sends voice over the Internet to Amazon’s Alexa voice services and the service converts the voice into a command that it can understand. The system then sends the output back to the device. And all these happen in a fraction of the time. But this means that Alexa will not work if there is no internet connection.

Alexa can take up to 20 languages ​​or dialects depending on its customization. It uses natural language interpretation to process our commands. Above all its capabilities Alexa offers over 3000 skills from Amazon.

Who is the voice behind Alexa?

Tony Reid is the voice behind the technology of Amazon executive Alexa.

Tony Reid – The Voice of Alexa

When it was first launched, the voice was not that of a human being. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Text to Speech (TTS) rules were used to produce voice. The sound was more mechanical so Amazon tried to make it sound like a human. Now some new voices have also been added to Alexa. “King of Cool”, Samuel L. Jackson is now the voice of Alexa. Jackson’s voice can sing Happy Birthday songs for you, play music, set alarms and perform some other tasks. But his voice cannot be used for shopping, reminders, inventory and some other skills. And Amazon is trying to add more varieties to Alexa’s voice. In the near future, we can expect to hear a wide variety of sounds on Alexa.

Alexa’s new voice Samuel L. Jackson

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