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Google Analytics

Suppose you are running a mobile company like Oppo. How will you measure your sales? You look at the data and analyze it.

Which gender is used the most?

  1. Demography
    1. What kind of data do you see?
    2. Which age group used the most?
  2. geographical situation
    1. Which place was used the most?
    2. Which place is less used?
  3. Which new features were attractive?
  4. What new strategies does the contestant have?
  5. Which mobile model sells the best?
  6. What is the average purchase rate?
  7. Which platform led to the highest sales?
    1. Amazon, Flipkart
    2. Retail shops

This type of information shows what kind of mobiles should be manufactured in the future.

Data is needed to measure the goodwill of a business. In fact, we all live on data.

“We believe in God; all other data is brought.

-W.Edward Deming

Analytics is the process of reaching current conclusions (especially in business) using current trends among people.

So what do we measure?

The amount of traffic reaching our website

  • We have seen traffic on the roads. Likewise when many individuals arrive at a website, a traffic is created.

Bounce rate

  • Number of users who left our website after coming to the first page

Page most viewed

  • Attractive features in the page compared to other pages

Customer behavior

  • How do people respond to our website
  • Did they spend long hours?
  • Did they spend hours on the page?

conversion rate

  • Number of people purchasing an item from our website … and so on.

There are many ways to measure data. Some examples

1)Google Analytics


Let us take a deep dive into Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is Google’s platform for analytics

To create a Google Analytics account, a Google Account is mandatory.

  1. Type google analytics into the browser or go
  2. Click create account
  3. Enter relevant information and sign in
  4. Enter a name (name of business, organization or your personal name)

It may be noted that accounts can be created based on the number of sites tracked by the account.

There are mainly three levels of flow

1)Google account

2)a quality


Google Account is of the highest level. The qualities are the second level. Last, but not the minimum, we have a visual level. Users interact at all levels.

A person can be Multiple Google Accounts. For Google account, there may be Many qualities. There must be one for each property Minimum 2 views and maximum 25 views.

Scene 2 or more – Internally designed to exclude internal traffic from your organization.

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