An unexpected thing in my life- “SOUMYA”


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Friendship plays an important role in our lives. Everyone has friends but some of them will be very important in our lives. I also have a person who is a friend in my life who is playing a leading role. Here I am describing my friend SOUMYA.

I completed my SSC at ZPHS School. I passed my SSC with high grade and secured a seat at IIIT Basar. When I entered the university, I did not take the things that are obtained from that university which would play a major role in my life.

The university gave me many valuable things for me along with my education. The most valuable thing I have received is “FRIENDSHIP”. In every person, there will be one person beyond the family, but they exceed our family. When I entered the university, there was no such person in my life. In my first year, I was scared of my academics and I used to read constantly without thinking about others. Which affected my personal life. And I was unable to get at least one friend.

A person named SOUMYA lived in our room. She also likes to scare me academics and we are both from Telugu medium. In the earlier days we conducted a joint study. But we did not do so close. We used to discuss the study only. But we did not make ourselves friends in the least. After a few days I do not talk to him in the least. My first year was completed with all my stress and academic studies.

My life fell apart from the beginning of my second year at my university. I did not have the least friends at that time. I was very afraid of the people around me. Friends play an important role in the lives of all of us in our university. Because our university is like a big society. In that society, we will live with our family members. Our family members will be our friends. We share our friends with our family. But I was the one who did not have that family in the second year. But life will change suddenly. No one can anticipate what will happen in our lives. I said about a person named “SOUMYA” right? … she was my classmate in the second year of PUC. That thing made a lot of things in my life. Days passed as we became friends and we became closer and closer. Our friendship also passed in our personal life. I was not Saumya’s roommate, but I used to visit her room often. The moments I spent with my friend will make me happy. My friendship continued to grow deeper. This led to a lot of things. It increased my friendliness. And the mess felt very badly when anything happened to make a mess. We had a lot of fights. And many things happened that Soumya considered me an enemy for herself. But I did not feel the things my friends think of me. I felt that I needed my friend. This is the only thing that has continued our friendship. I am very knowledgeable about my friend. I was jealous when she talked to others in our class. It became like a disease to me. My second year was also completed with all the memories with my friend “SOUMYA”. When I thought about the difference between my first year and the second year, the difference is only my friend’s. But that small difference made a lot of things happen in my life to be different. When she became my friend, I felt that my friend could not be replaced by anyone

My third year had started. Now I and my mother were in the same group. This made us very close to each other. The moments we spent in our third year were not forgettable in my life. Our day began with a quarrel but ended with a short memory. Day by day my friends became best friends in my life. In the third year too many such things happened, which kept us away from each other. There were days when my friend did not talk to me. Those days were terrible in my life. Although the fault was not mine, but I had to compromise with him because I could not live without talking to my friend. In the third year, I thought it would be best if we are in the same branch of Bachelor of Technology. I suggested that she make branch priorities like mine. But branch allocation was different. Our conversation will never be like friends who always like to fight each other. Our day will not end without fighting and without beats. Which became a great memory in my life. I went to ECE and my friend went to EEE. That was terrible bad news for me. When I entered my new class without my friend, I felt very bad, which I never expected in my life. It was the first time that I deserved the peaks of my words to someone.

My friend wants to become an IAS officer. And she is very serious about her dream. I am the one who becomes the happiest person when he reaches his goal. I always wish my friend happiness. I am the first person who gets worried when going the wrong way. But it never happened that worried me. I thought my friend was mine. Someone has more rights than me. This shows how important my gentleness is to me. There is no reason for me that I give it much priority and I don’t know how she thinks about me. I want to fight my friend and I need my friend. I cannot imagine spending at least a few days in college without my friend’s presence.

Although we are not in the same branch, we are now best friends. Whenever there was a quarrel I would request him because I could not live without talking and disturbing my friend. That day is not satisfied for me without disturbing my SOUMYA. When he did not talk to me, those days were full of joy and sorrow. But I want my friend to think that I am someone who cannot be replaced by anyone. Does not want to be like a friend. I want to be something special for my friend because I think my friend is everything special to me. What I hope I will give. I will give hope to anyone who has the same hope for me. I think my friend is mine. If something happens that bothers me, I cannot digest those things about my friend. I don’t worry about the things of others, but anything happens that my friend also means a lot to me… ..even I cannot digest those things. I can’t show how I like and love my friend but my action matters a lot. I choose this platform to show how important my friend is to me. Because I cannot express it through my words …….

I hope that our friendship is always and never in my life…

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