Angular JavaScript in this developed era


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Nowadays, Angular JavaScript develops as a technique, using which you can build client-side web applications. The website will be efficient enough to deliver fast output.

Why did Angular JavaScript appear in the image?

  • Web development technology is a very common way of creating distributed applications.
    • Here, we deploy our application in a machine.
      • It can be accessed from a remote client.
  • Also web applications have always been the cheapest way to create some distributed applications.
    • But there was a problem that has always been associated with web development which is page posting.
      • This means that whenever you make a request with your web page it will be posted on the server.
        • Also, it will come back that we also called the postback thing.
  • Postback means communication between the client and the server machine.
    • Because of this post which is very time consuming and our web application is not as good as Windows application.
      • Whereas in Windows applications there is nothing like the concept of page posting.
  • Therefore, considering Adam Abron and Misco on the same layout in 2009, an argument from Angular JS comes up.
    • He created a framework called Angular JS using JavaScript.

an introduction

  1. In a very short time, this technique became very popular.
  • It was popular among organizations and the company.
    • Because it is open-source and completely independent.
      • So, any type of organization or any developer can use Angular JS in their application.
  • Furthermore, it makes their application faster without paying any extra cost.
  1. It is licensed under Apache and maintained by Google.
  • When we set the environment variable of Angular JS, we will see Google’s participation.
  1. SPA is used to make projects.
  • We can create our own website. Types of Websites We Can Work Here SPA Projects means Single Page Application Projects.

Features of Angular JS

Angular JS Features
  • Used to make RIA
    • We are good for building RIA applications, using Angular JS. RIA stands for Rich Internet Applications.
  • Helps to write applications using MVC architecture
    • The best feature of Angular JS is the inclusion of MVC architecture.
    • Nowadays, MVC architecture is so popular that there are many vendors like Microsoft, Java.
    • They are all using this architecture to build their web applications.
    • But we can implement the same architecture in our Angular JS.
    • So that it gives you an even faster application, because everything is done in JavaScript without any postback.
    • MVC stands for model-view-controller.
    • It will be used as three separate layers to create a web application.
  • Angular JS has application cross-browser complaint
    • If we can take the latest browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, then it will be compatible with all the latest browsers.
    • If we are working with an older browser version it may not be compatible. Because it is not that old product, the older version of the browser may not be compatible.
  • Browser JavaScript code automatically according to browser.
    • If we notice about JavaScript then different browsers have different JavaScript engines.
    • JavaScript has different code compatibility with different browsers.
    • In the case of Angular JS, it chooses the most appropriate code for our particular browser.
    • This will execute it which means that a developer does not need to focus on the code that he is writing in JavaScript.

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