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In today’s society, there are many applications of artificial intelligence described as computer-displayed intelligence. More precisely, it is weak AI, the type of AI used for a wide range of activities including medical diagnostics, electronic trading platforms, robot control, and remote-sensing, where programs are created to perform specific tasks Huh.

Tools for computer science.

Several tools have been developed by AI researchers to solve the most challenging problems of computer science. Many of his inventions have been adapted and are no longer considered part of AI by mainstream computer science. All of the following were originally created in AI laboratories, according to Russell & Norwig (2003, p. 15): time-sharing, interactive interpreters, graphical user interfaces and computer icons, rapid application development environments, linked list.

Economic and social challenges

AI for Good is an ITU program that funds institutions that use AI to solve some of the biggest economic and social problems in the world. For example, the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, started by the University of Southern California, Stanford researchers with the aim of using AI to solve socially important issues, use AI to evaluate satellite images Which areas are doing the highest level of poverty.


Fresh advances in AI at agricultural shows increase yield gains and advances in crop research and production. Modern artificial intelligence now predicts the time it takes for a tomato-like crop to mature and be ready for selection, thereby increasing farming efficiency.[3] These developments include crops and soil, agricultural robots and predictive analysis. Crop and soil tracking uses new field algorithms and data obtained to control and track swarm.

Media and Ecommerce

The study of audio-visual media content, such as movies, TV shows, advertising videos, or user-generated content, is aimed at some AI applications. Computer vision, which is an important application area of ​​AI, is also involved in solutions. Typical use-case examples include image analysis using object recognition or facial recognition techniques, or video analysis to identify relevant scenes, objects, or faces. Among the reasons for using AI-based media analysis.

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