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This is an auto biography of mine.

I am a person who is very inauspicious in every situation.

I lost my mother at the age of 6 months. I have two sisters. They were also very young when our mother left us. There was no one to take care of us. My father did not care for us. He did not care for us. We had only one chance from our grandparents. They took care of us. I and my sisters grew up with him.

When I was one year old my father married another woman. When she entered our house, we received some help with care. But she gave birth to two children. 6 months after their marriage, he wanted to create a split between us. They split with us. We were with my grandparents. Me and my sisters were raised by our grandparents. When I was in those days, we faced a lot of problems. We did not get enough food for us at least. We did not have a person to feed us at least. We only had those grandparents to take care of.

We had some difficult days in our childhood. When I was 8 years old I joined a school called Bharathiya Vidya Mandir. There was no one to look after my education. And there was no one to look after our future. I met our grandparents. I completed 7 years of my education in that school. I was a bit lucky because I joined at least one small private school. But my sisters joined a government school. I studied in that school till the seventh grade. Then I joined a government school, in which I completed my SSC. I got a good score in my SSC which is 9.8gpa. I worked very hard for my education to get a good score in my SSC. My determination and my hard work brought me higher grades which were very useful for me to get better opportunities for my higher education. I got a free seat in a university, resulting in Basar. At that university, I received a six-year integrated course offer. I decided to work hard and be determined to achieve my goal. I started thinking about my future and my family. I have a family of two sisters. They are the only people who support me every time. My two sisters got married and made all efforts to support me all the way. He is the only person on earth who takes care of me.

I completed my years of education at university there. Now I am pursuing my second year of engineering at that university. This time is very important in my life. These days will define my future. I myself decided that I would dedicate my life to my sister. I have decided to do a lot for my sisters… ..

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