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How does the relationship affect

We all felt the sparks of love once, it was a great journey, the feelings of young love, those fantasies are priceless. Also, everyone experienced cheating on our partner. In this blog, we will look at the feelings behind cheating. How do you think they will cheat their partner or spouse more? (Sorry good people), definitely its men.20% of men cheat and 13% of women Reported in the Cheated General Social Survey (GSS). Therefore women are those who are more loyal than their husband or wife. After being cheated, come to the topic to be a better person.

Who will cheat?

if you Really loved spouse, Whole heartedly. I’m swearing you Won’t cheat Because you do not need anyone only when you have felt a void that cannot be satisfied or dissatisfied with your spouse. You will search for other sources to fill the void. If you cheat then you do not fully love or respect your partner. Here let’s talk about men cheating on her husband or girlfriend.

According to CNN, women remain more loyal to women than men (not all; P). Women cheat for love and men cheat for sex (again not all). See image below

Graph of men and women cheating
Men and women cheating graph percentage by age

But cheating and bonding depends on the gender age difference, as you can see that 18 -29 women cheat more than men. But after that, the graph reverses and is cheating the percentage of men at the age of 80 percent. Fraud graphs grow every decade In 1990, the peak was in men 40–49 (18%), and men 50–59 (31%) of women. In 2000 and 2009, the peak was in the ages of 60–69 (29%) males and 50–59 (17%) of females.


Trust is the basis of every love affair, it is not easy to be made but it is easy to break up. If your spouse is involved in an affair then the pillar of love will break and there is no love. Every man has the option to choose whether to have an affair or not. If once he made the choice yes – congratulations “bounce” now you are a no-confidence person. The cheater then gets on two modes, manipulating, transferring another defect.

Yes if the cheating person does not want to live in guilt He will blame his partner / spouse. Like she is the reason why he left her, he did not pay enough attention or love and it will go on. Until he has satisfied himself. If he did not go that way, as he wants it to be exposed (busted!). So that strategy will change. That would be It is okay to cheat on your husband. This is the common copying system of all the fraudsters who have been busted.

In the end, you know that if no strategy works, what he will do is divorce him, and Try to convert the affair into a real relationship. Below we can see about this. Here I want to say that you are not at all responsible for your partner’s sins. You did your best that ran is your partner. You cannot control your partner’s feelings. So if he wants to leave by accusing you of being kindly thankful, he does not deserve you (thankfully it is not too late).

Why do men cheat?

There are many reasons that betray their spouse and this varies for status and partners. But below are the most points for cheating:


This is tThat is the most common symptom to cheat, They will think that if their partner cheats and they get hurt. They will do the same to hurt them. He may have noticed that his partner is cheating on him or that there are reasons to betray an argument or fight. Anger triggers a physical relationship.

Ran away with love:

Now there is no love left to share the mode. It’s not like hating or hating each other Just fell in love. It occurs mostly in young-butterflies, who have just started their first dates. Once they pass and get to know each other, they lose hope that cheats (like being attracted to someone because there is no love between them).


The situation He would have an affair to live or work in. Or some accidental situation like Drunk And there was One Night Stand. Working in a place where there is a lot of physical contact (IDK what does that mean? P) .insecureness, having Least attention The spouse will force them to have an affair (so that they get a void filled by someone). There will be no intimacy like a long distance relationship.


If your spouse is different OConflict in relationships Like Casual and you have an opinion like Exclusive Relationships etc. Afraid to commit Some people are afraid to take responsibility or they think it is too early. Yet he did not take this relationship seriously.


Will be for every relationship Some expectations and needs. He hopes to meet them. If it does not, they will be disappointed. Requirements can be physical or emotional or intimacy. If it is not satisfied then they will turn into another person (named after a zero).

low self-esteem :

Some partners have unsafe and Low self-esteem that they are not as good as their peers. They cannot be compared (appearance, socially, work, and so on). So they will get out of their tension through cheating (dizzy).

For all these reasons they blame their spouse, they feel that they are the one who made them to do so. If they get what they want, they won’t get into a dizzy. You may ask me “They once loved their husband, why are they hurting him?” For the rookie after the chosen affair, they will be in Selfish mode. My opinion only matters to me. Girls do not have loyalty and true expectation from the cheater.

What is considered an affair?

There are two types of emotional and physical affairs. But most of us only consider physical contact. Of course, someone who has sex with someone else behind their spouse is an affair. other than this, Affair is not only after marriage Or even after being engaged. Even if you are contacting him, but You are feeling like you need to hide from your spouse or partner Are you not cheating yourself?

emotional connection:

You there Dying to talk with anyone except her husband, You want to spend time with him, you want to meet him on the opposite sex. It is also an affair. You can tell me how it happens is a matter of it is just a favorable convo. No, if you really want to speak with someone then you are obsessed with him. This is called an emotional affair. You are clearly behind your spouse. This is mostly due to lack of attention, intimacy.

Relationship in a real relationship

We talked about matters in real relationships in the introduction. Marriage with affair will not last long, I cannot say over all matters in a happy marriage. But most marriages are built on the foundation of lies, lies will break easily and they will go through the same situation. This is more painful than a normal relationship.

That’s why The affair is out of imagination and desires. You found them mysterious which is mostly due to the dissatisfaction of your previous marriage and not out of love once the imagination and desires get on the marriage will not last long. you Broke trust before breaking commitment Therefore the spouse will always be in doubt that you will do it once again. The affair is just a getaway With your spouse not meeting your needs.

YWhere can not or to see the person If you are in a real relationship and having a relationship. Divorce is like a daydream but it is more painful and painful if you have children. Once you form a relationship in a relationship, it will not give a chance against the words of peers around you.

What to do after cheating?

After discovering the truth, a tsunami of emotions will occur one by one. You can’t think straight, You must be shocked, whom you trusted more than anyone in all these years, he cheated on you. 0 have these questions around your ears

  1. How did this happen?
  2. when did it start?
  3. What should I do?
  4. Can i forgive him or not?

And so on. For these questions, I’m saying just calm down, Don’t let your emotions play. Do not hurt yourself. Of course, it will make you suffer, you will feel nausea, cannot sleep, eat, or do your activities, lack of interest, low self-esteem, etc., but think that it is not your fault, who has sinned He is your partner. Blaming you and hurting you nothing will help. Also, revenge certainly won’t help. Get a professional guide And make a right decision Can you accept it or not. It is entirely your choice whether you trust him or not. but above all Your peace of mind is important. Take care and that’s it for today

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