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introduction :

Are you willing to break through the mysteries? Curious about the Bermuda Triangle? Did this triangle have some supernatural powers? Is it due to the presence of aliens? … Like those mysterious places around the world, the Bermuda Triangle loads a lot of interesting mysteries to hear.

Bermuda Triangle

place :

The Bermuda Triangle was located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not part of the land with mud and sand. Bermuda is a place along the coast of Florida with an imaginary triangle axis with some extraordinary mysteries.

The name was first used in the magazine by an American writer, Vincent Gaddis … These stories begin 56 years ago in 1964.

Imaginary triangle:

The imaginary triangle-shaped location in the sea is known as the devil’s triangle. And it was widely used in films, magazines and novels.

Bermuda Triangle


The hype about these triangles began to peak when ships and flights traveling in the area disappeared without a single proof of accident, system failures, or anything else.

Navy ship:

Five US Navy ships and 13 men inside it went missing in 1945 and there is no trace of disappearance till now.

Last voice:

In the final voice received from the leader via radio. He says the place looks completely different from everyone with a sudden change in climatic conditions, and added that the water was green rather than white.

23 aircraft:



Some people say that the phenomenon is caused by paranormal and supernatural.


Paranormal theories are mostly associated with ghost and soul.

Wide spread theory that the reason for the disappearance is due to the spirits who lived and died in the lost city of Atlantis.


Atlantis is a city used in mysterious films about its presence in the world. And before a few centuries it was completely submerged in the water level, and there is no concrete evidence about the lives of the people in that city.


The supernatural is nothing else but a theory related to aliens, magic and miracles. Some group of people said that the missing people in this area are people who are going through a training period.

So began to continue without any points to draw mysterious conclusions.


There is also a fact that when an aircraft lands in water it can only last for a few seconds. And an example of this is an unimaginable thing to discover over a vast area of ​​the sea.


Even after years and years of improvements in technology, but there is nothing that has improved to find lost planes or ships in a very large ocean.

Only a few parts are found in the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight which went missing in 2014.


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