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Books Every Investor Should Read Once In Their Life

All young adults and professionals wishing to start investing need to know more about the basics of investing. The main reason behind early start is to get the benefit of compounding. Investments made a few years ago can make a huge difference. You can make good use of time. A successful investor should know what he does to make money from money.

Even if you invest early, you should do it very wisely. You will need more business and finance insights that you will need when you start investing. Here are some books written by some of the most reputed market practitioners in the world.

“Beating the Street” by Peter Lynch 1993

Peter Lynch has given some very valuable information about deciding whether to buy or sell stocks. He is a successful hedge fund manager and stock market investor. This book will give you a good view of the stock. You will get information about when to buy and sell stocks.

“The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham 1949

Benjamin Graham is also known as the “father of value investing”. This book talks about the best time to purchase shares through analysis. It focuses on proper fundamental analysis and managing the portfolio. After reading this book you will get knowledge about pre-investment analysis which you should do every time.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki in 1997

It is a must read book for every investor. The author’s view of the importance of financial literacy and financial independence is helpful. Also, Robert Kiyosaki emphasized asset acquisition in this book. This book will make you understand the mindset of a rich person.

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