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BigDate is a term that describes large amounts of data, both structured and unstructured.

It grows a business on a day to day basis.

Added and which year:

In 2005, Roger Mougal invented BigData.

uses it

  1. Used in industry to provide information to customers for transparent and simple products
  2. Analyzing and predicting customer behavior through data derived from social media
  3. GPS-enabled devices and CCTV footage


Seven Benefits of Using Big Data.

  1. Using BigData cuts your costs.
  2. It enhances your functionality
  3. Bigdata improves your proficiency
  4. You can compete big business
  5. Increase sales and loyalty


  1. Bigdet violates the principle of privacy
  2. This can increase social stratification
  3. Difficult to handle

Different types of figures:

Storing unstructured data

Solution :

  • Allow any type of data to be stored, be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured

Problems with big data:

  • By 2020, total digital data will increase to about 44 zetabytes
  • By 2020. Approximately 1.7MB of new information will be created for every person every second

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