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introduction :

Disappointed to see phones with dot or notch display? Do you get irritated while watching videos with a Nokia type camera display? Feeling sad to wait for a popup camera while unlocking with facial recognition? …

And now all its exhibits are going with a new camera technology.


Traditional methods of fitting front facing cameras are popup type, shark rising type, flip type, dot and water notch type.

deal breaker :

But they all end up with some disappointment when using our phones for media consumption for a big time. And this is a big annoying issue during gaming.

Under Display Camera:

In this new technology we do not need a dot or notch to function, and it does not block the image.


The major problem with removing the dot or notch is that a custom smartphone display is required to work.

Basically the camera needs a transparent layer above it that allows light to enter.

The screen part above the lens is made of a unique highly transparent material to resolve issues.

They are accompanied by a redesigned pixel structure to ensure the transmission of light.

The camera comes to compact any refraction due to a larger aperture, larger sensor, and greater pixel size.

But the results of under-display camera shots are quite blurred.

When compared to dot or notch camera modules.

Algorithm :

To solve this problem various brands come up with their algorithm to fix it.

The HDR algorithm helps reduce overexposable highlights and increases brightness in shadows. And on top of the lens to improve the haze removal algorithm faster.

Xiaomi developed a demonstration in display technology to reduce the effect of transparency by using a small low reflective glass in that area to cover the lens.

Visionox has announced that they are involved in mass production of display camera technology displays.

They are working with device manufacturers to offer a software algorithm. This will reduce diffraction, glare and reduce fogging.

Therefore, it results with brighter photos and clarity is improved.


Zte launched the world’s first under display camera in its Axon 20 5G smartphone.

The first impression of front-facing cameras is not very impressive as they are slightly blurred but the presence of the camera below the display makes users more comfortable while watching video and gaming.


We can expect these technologies from brands like Xiaomi and oppo in India by 2020 or early 2021.


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