Cannot Log in to your Ubisoft Account - Ubisoft Support

Can’T Login To Uplay


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1. Cannot Log in to your Ubisoft Account – Ubisoft Support
Cannot Log in to your Ubisoft Account - Ubisoft Support
Issues logging into Uplay PC and Ubisoft websites Another issue could be that your network prevents you from connecting to our websites and on Uplay PC. In this case, please log in with your credentials on another network (for instance, another Wi-Fi network or via mobile data).

2. I Cannot Log Into My Ubisoft Account – Ubisoft Support

If you are experiencing issues logging into your Ubisoft account from Ubisoft websites and in the Uplay PC client, we recommend you try the following solutions. 1. Ensure you are entering in your login credentials correctly. If you forgot the password to your Ubisoft account, try resetting your password.

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Can’t log in to uplay client from uplay

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This error appears when trying to login on any Ubisoft site or some of the tools … is having an old networking driver which can’t support Ubisoft’s servers. … you struggle with the problem when opening Uplay or a Ubisoft game.

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