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Preparation strategy for Capgemini interview:

I appeared for Capgemini on the 13th of August and successfully cleared aptitude as well as technical round. Received the notification You are selected for an interview on 19th August. My interview held on 21st August. I was so tense before giving an interview. But when my interview started I was ok with it. Everything went very well than I expected. So, here I am going to discuss some strategies that I followed to crack my interview:


Before applying for any position take an overlook at which job post you are applying for. Your resume should reflect that you are perfect for the position you are applying to. Try to make different format resume’s for a different post. Keeping the same resume every time can harm you during an interview. Rather than focusing on academics, mention the past experiences you have in that particular field. Add the project details in your resume to add plus point. Before going for an interview, visit the company’s website( and study services provided by them. Prepare your self-introduction accordingly. Never try to ask an irrelevant question. For example: What will be my package? Informal questions will give a bad impression. At last, don’t forget to greet them.

Questions asked during an interview

1.Tell me something about yourself.

Ans: I am a “student name”. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in “Branch” from “college name”. Along with my graduation, I have completed various courses such as python for beginners from Coursera, design thinking for innovation, and AWS cloud practitioner. I have successfully built an app for face detection using python. As a part of the team “your college team,” I have learned to work in a group. My team has taught me how to manage time efficiently. Writing a blog has inculcated writing and creative skill to explore the topics.

2. You are a mechanical engineering student, then why would you like to join IT company?

Ans: As we all know mechanical is the mother branch. It has its roots in programming in the form of Matlab, electronics in vehicle fuel technology, and civil in the strength of materials. I am also passionate about robotics and it is a field where the interdisciplinary approach is needed. Focusing only on mechanical and not on IT can turn you under-develop. To survive in this current era and sustain the growth I would be fine with an IT company as a mechanical engineer.

3.Which problems did you face in your life and how you tackled it?

Ans: Working in a team I have faced many problems. The major problem which took place was during the “robotics event”. At that time our robot remote control suddenly burst out during practice. Our team was ought to play the battle the 10th match but our robot was not responding. I decided to change the remote control and it fortunately worked. We won the battle with 3rd rank in the competition.

4. Would you like to relocate?

Ans: Always answer this question as “Yes” whether you don’t wish to relocate.

5. What have you did within last fifteen days?

Ans: The answer to this question is specific for everyone. But try to express the constant learning attitude with your recent certifications.

6. Where do you like to see yourself after 5 years?

Ans: I would see myself in the Capgemini itself. And at a position which I earn, after gaining the knowledge during 5 years of experience. Don’t say “I would like to be in your place” or “planning for higher studies”.


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