Charity Begins at Home: Writing and Essay Writing


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The proverb charity begins with a house written on a blackboard

The word Charity means preparing and performing goods deeds to help the needy and poor people. This saying provokes us by saying, a person’s first ad utmost duty is to those who are close to him. “Before telling others / stubbornness, we must first include that particular thing in ourselves because you cannot please a man, he must learn how to laugh and stop only one after the impulse.” If you want to be a good person, a human being in the world, not for name or fame, then you have to adopt this idea, the beginning of charity, it is not that the word has to be read, for this, we have to overcome many clumsy. Through situations. It should be an equal and compassionate treatment for all.

Mahatma Phule was not born with the great revolutionary station, there was a silver spoon in the mouth. He has engraved this proverb deeply in himself, and that is why he first educated his wife Savitribai Phule before educating others. This was an era when women were not allowed to take education, they were treated unfairly. After educating his wife, he spread the era of education, and now every woman is trying to touch the stage of success. This was due to Mahatma Phule who started his charity from home. It is important not only to cling to philanthropy, but also to start with yourself.

It is widely accepted that our family appears first and that we must help others before they can help us. Except, there are those who argue that this is a misunderstanding of this proverb. According to him, this means that children should be educated about donations at home. A child observes his elders, if the parents are caring and giving importance to the social cause then their children will also learn the same and make some efforts to improve the society.

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