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introduction :

Do you know the most preserved secret in the world? Do you know that this drink is over 125 years old? And how about the vault which is safer than many other bank vaults? If you guessed that Coca-Cola is a vault? this is right. Let’s read something interesting.

place :

The Coco Cola Vault was located inside the Coca Cola Museum World in Atlanta. The museum was opened to the public on 24 May 2007.

Coca-Cola Vault:

There may be many worlds of Coca-Cola stores in the world. But one in Atlanta is something special. It has a vault which is an interesting thing to know.

All visitors are allowed to see the entire museum except the space inside the vault.

secret recipe :

The vault has a secret recipe of Coca-Cola that has been secret for 125 years. And the mystery is likely to continue. With the deep security that surrounds the vault.

Coca-Cola has about 82500 employees by the year 2019.

History :

John Pemberton is known for inventing the Coca-Cola recipe. And he shared the formula for at least four members before his death in 1888.

The Coca-Cola formula was first purchased by Asa Candler from John Pemberton. And later he made some changes to enhance the taste of soft drinks.

In 1919 Ernest Wood Rough bought Coca-Cola from Asa Candler. He got a collateral loan at a guaranteed bank in New York. When they put the formula for the recipe in that bank.

And later during 1925, Ernest Wood Rough repaid the debt. And transferred the recipe script to trust the company bank.

On December 8, 2001, the company permanently placed the vault in the vault world of the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. Where this has remained a mystery until now.

Coca-Cola was one of the more popular soft drinks available at the time in the late 19th century.


Early marketing materials claimed that Coca-Cola helps relieve headaches, and that it acts as a brain, and nerve tonic.

material :

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola were an important component in earlier stages.

In 1903, cocaine was removed from the list of dishes used for Coca-Cola. And proportionately medical benefits were beginning to decrease.

Coca leaves contain cocaine. He created a separate process of extracting cocaine from it, like many pharmaceutical companies. And to enhance the taste. But the company neither denied nor confirmed it due to the secret nature of the formula.


In 1911, the United States sued the Coca-Cola Company for widespread use of products that are dangerous to human health. And in 1916 he assured to reduce the level of materials to an acceptable extent and bring Coca-Cola back to the market.


Taste can be good or bad. But keeping the formula a secret for over a decade is interesting enough to make it more flavorful.


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