Color psychology in real life


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In previous blogs, we have read about color psychology in logo designs, here are some more colors and their hidden meanings.

Red: anger, danger, warmth and passion. It can increase heart rate and increased blood pressure. Excessive use can lead to overloading.

Yellow: Point-of-sale messaging and call to action for positive, optimistic and energetic good.

Blue: Reliable, calm and peaceful. It is often used in banking. Light blue color can be relaxed. And reflects the dark look and power and reliability

Pink: Dusty, pink and blue sentimental viola vibrant pink symbolizes a youthful energy.

Brown: After news for organic companies can bring honesty and simplicity and warmth and perfection to design.

Purple: Indifferent, passionate and sophisticated symbolizes wealth and luxury.

Green: Growth, rebirth, nature, stability, endurance and abundance. A balance is a harmonious effect and is often used in relation to wealth.

Orange: Bright, fun, friendly and playful commands prevail regardless.

White: simplicity and purity are considered neutral. It gives the message of minimalism and cleanliness.

Black: Bold Power
Classic, confidence and sophistication. This makes the design more edgier and elegant. It is used for typography to have a more neutral effect.

Gray: Neutral Modi conservative and formal. Often used when there is a key to formality and professionalism.

Imagine our life without color.

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