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What is computer literacy?

The ability to use computers and related technology efficiently can be used as computer literacy. It includes various levels of learning, from elementary level to programming level and advanced problem-solving. By another measure, computer literacy can also be defined as an understanding of computer programming and how computers work.

Why is Computer Literacy Important?

In present times, computers have become an essential item in our life. Computers are everywhere at workplaces, schools, hospitals, banks and even at home. Computers have become the primary means of local and global communication for billions of people worldwide. some examples are –

  • The employee communicates with customers.
  • Students communicate with teachers and classmates
  • People communicate with their friends, family members, etc.

Through computers, the society has quick access to information around the world through social networking sites, Google, YouTube and many other means. Computers also help us for study purposes. With just one click, we can get any information within seconds.

And computer literacy is important for all those reasons. Knowledge of computers can help make your life a lot easier. In fact, computer education is an important key to success. If you want to get a job in any field other than computer education, then it is very important. To work in IT companies, you must have advanced knowledge of coding. To work in banks, you must know how to work on computers etc. Computers are important for maintaining patient records in hospitals and for many other purposes. It is also important to maintain business records as well. In short, computer education is compulsory in every and every field.

Comparison: Now vs.

Before using the computer now using a computer
1. Papers were used for storing various records or for writing various articles, reports etc. 1. All of these things can be done on various computer apps such as MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad etc.
2. Now, people used to go to the library to search for any information required. 2. But now, just the problem and solution is achieved within seconds.
3. The only sources of learning were through teachers and books, which were obtained from the library. 3. But now, e-courses are available on various apps. In fact, we can also get knowledge from Google, YouTube etc.
4. And a lot of time is required to do these tasks manually. 4.But now computer has made these tasks much easier

Benefits of computer literacy

If a person has basic computer knowledge, they can do this, such as –

  • If a person is a student then he can learn new concepts, new techniques and can do whatever he wants.
  • If that person is more teacher than that / then he / she can get more knowledge of the subject that they teach and can also do some research.
  • If she is a housewife then she can learn many ideas of her start-up programs and share many experiences with the world.
  • If the person can / does expand his business through e-commerce website.

These are just a few examples of where and how computers are or can be used. The use of computers is huge. Now it is almost impossible to think about our lives without computers. Our day starts with it and ends with it. In fact, if I did not have a computer, I could neither create this blog nor would you have read it.

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