Coronaviruses, lockdowns: and their impact on student careers


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The coronavirus pandemic has swept the entire world. It has caused devastating damage to the world in various fields. Along with health issues, people have been hit from above socially, economically, and economically as well. Pandemic lockdown has made the situation worse.

Education scenario

Students are facing one of the worst scenarios due to the epidemic. The teaching-learning process has been highly affected. Due to this online method, teachers are not able to monitor students properly. Students are attending classes very carelessly, which is ultimately harmful to their careers. In fact, some teachers are taking the teaching-learning process too lightly. They are merely providing notes without stating anything about the subject. In addition, these things can directly affect the career of students.


Summer internship is a common activity. Students do this to gain more experience in the field of work and to learn new things, which help them in the future. Some people do the same to earn their pocket-money. But, this time due to the lockdown it has been greatly affected. Students are forced to take internships online. As a result, students are not able to learn practical tasks.

Final year students

In addition, one of the worst case scenario is the final year students of various undergraduate colleges. Throughout their undergraduate course, students eagerly await the moment when they will be placed. However, this year, they are in a lot of uncertainty. In fact, many talented students who deserve a high-paid job are forced to take a low-paid job. Furthermore, most of them will create lifelong effects on their careers.

Education loan

Many students take education loans to complete their studies, thinking that they can repay it later while they make a living. However, due to this worst case the students and their parents have lost their mind as to what to do. Many people are stressed because in times to come they can be a heavy burden.

entrance examinations

These are one of the most important mediums required to get admission in college. But this year the examinations were held late. And as mentioned UGC, Classes will begin from 1 November. In fact, millions of students could not appear for the exam this time due to these conditions. The students as well as their parents are disoriented because of them.

Board exams

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, a sudden lockdown was imposed. Due to this many board examinations were canceled. As a result, when most of the students dropped out of the results, they were unhappy with their results. In addition, the board results are very important for the career ahead. They are one of the first things interviewers saw during a job interview. It can also have an impact on his career.

Student health

Amid such situations, the students were asked to appear physically to take the exam. Many colleges conducted examinations which the students had to suffer. Schools were started in many countries. But because of that, there was a major outbreak of the virus among the younger generation. It is true that education is indeed very important for a student’s career building, but the most important is student health. Students should be well and fit so that they can prepare for their lives ahead.

Practical functions

Colleges are closed due to such conditions. And thus students are not able to perform their practical tasks. Due to which students are lagging behind in their practical knowledge, which is the most demanded in this present era.

The conclusion

The global epidemic has hit us so badly, resulting in a global economic downturn. In fact, India’s GDP has fallen to -23%. And this is the worst decline in the last 50 decades. In fact, some believe that this global economic slowdown may persist for years or decades. And this is not a good note for the younger generation. The young generation may have to suffer a lot due to this recession. But hopefully one day, everything will be back to normal once again. And we can enjoy our normal life again.

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