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Good morning to all, I am Simran Srivas and today I discuss a very interesting topic which is “Cyber ​​Security”.

Let’s get started !! Some introduction.


The security of computer systems and networks is theft or disruption of their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as the services or services they provide, computer security, cyber security, or information technology security (IT security).

What does cyber security mean?

Here, I am discussing the introduction to what is the real meaning of cyber security.

Cyberspace is the art of protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use, and the practice of ensuring that information is confidential, integral and accessible.

Weaknesses and attacks

A vulnerability in design, execution, process, or internal control is a vulnerability. Famous vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) are most of the vulnerabilities found in database documents. A vulnerability that can be exploited is one for which there is at least one functional attack or “exploit”.

Information security culture

Employee actions in companies can have a major impact on information security. Cultural principles can help different areas of the company work efficiently or work within the company for productivity against information security. The culture of information security is the entirety of “…” conduct patterns that lead to the defense of all types of information in an organization. Anderson and Reimers (2014) found that workers do not really see themselves as part.

Impact of security breaches

Security violations have led to serious financial losses, but since there is no general model for calculating the cost of an incident, the only available data is that many computer security consulting firms estimate the damage caused by viruses and worm attacks worldwide. She applies. Usually hostile digital works. Losses for these firms are estimated at $ 13 billion (insects and viruses) to $ 226 billion (for these firms) for 2003

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