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Hello Avion I AM Simran Srivas, Computer Science Engineer. Today I will discuss about “Data Science”

gUys We all know that with the help of Python, data science is very important and usable in today’s generation because we can do many things in technologies.

Data science is an interdisciplinary discipline that derives information and insights from many structural and unstructured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems. Data science is related …

With data “to understand and analyze real events”, data science is a “term for integrating statistics, data processing, and related methods.”

What is Data Science ..?

So data science in a simple form is a ..

Data science is an area of ​​study in which domain expertise, programming skills, and mathematics and statistics knowledge are combined to extract meaningful data insights.

… These systems, in turn, generate insights that can be translated into tangible business value by analysts and business users.

Career in Data Science

A growing field is data science. A career as a data scientist is rated by Glassdoor as the third best job in the US for 2020, and was rated the top best job from 2016 to 2019.


To become a data scientist, a substantial amount of education and experience is required. The first step in becoming a data scientist is to earn a bachelor’s degree, usually in the quantitative field.[29] Coding boot camps are also available and can be used as an optional pre-qualification to supplement the bachelor’s degree.[29] Most data scientists also complete a master’s degree or PhD. In a quantitative / scientific field.[29] After completion of these requirements, the next stage of B is to complete a Ph.D. In a quantitative / scientific field.

Specialization and associated careers


Machine Learning Scientist: Machine learning scientists investigate and build algorithms for new data analysis methods.
Data Engineer: Data engineers prepare the “big data” infrastructure for study by data scientists. They are software engineers who design, build, incorporate and manage big data from various resources.
Data Analyst: Comprehensive data sets are used by data analysts to obtain information tailored to the needs of their business.
Data advisors: Data consultants work with companies.

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