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The name is used for various forms of government, in which individuals can participate in decisions affecting the way they run their society.

#Sources of democracy.

The two types of democracy are usually direct and representative. Citizens actually deliberate in direct democracy and decide the law. Citizens choose a delegate to vote and vote on legislation in a representative democracy, such as in a parliamentary or presidential democracy. Liquid democracy incorporates elements of these two fundamental forms. The rule of majority is a day-to-day decision-making in democratic countries, while other approaches to decision-making, such as super-options.

# Features.

There is no consensus on how to define democracy, but the essential characteristics are defined as legal equality, political freedom, and the rule of law. These values ​​are expressed in all qualified people who are equal before the law and have equal access to legislative procedures.[citation required] For example, in a representative democracy, the weight of every vote is equal, no undue weight.

The term “democracy” is often used as a metaphor for liberal democracy, a type of representative democracy that can incorporate elements such as democratic pluralism; equality before the law; Right to petition for redress of grievances by elected officials; due process; civil Liberties; human rights; And non-governmental elements of civil society.[citation needed] Roger Scruton was arrested.

#The reputation of democracy.

Several indices of independence are published by many organizations according to their different definitions of the term and based on different data types: Democracy in the world, published annually by the US-Freedom House since 1972, political rights. Lists countries and civil liberties that are primarily derived from the Universal Declaration are considered independent, partially free or unfamiliar.[citation required]

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