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In this I will use semi conductor laser kit and grating with the help of determining the wave length of the laser source


Diode laser grating source, sample slide for pacrticle size, determination holder scale, screen, bare.


The deviation of the classical refers to the phenomenon in which waves face an obstacle that divides the wave into components that interfere with each other’s interference, this means that wavefronts join together to form a new wave. Which can be quite different than the original wave. For example a pair of sin waves of equal amplitude. But the phase out of 180 will be the sum of zero. Since one is positive everywhere and the other is negative by the same amount.

Although the diffraction of light waves is acutely visible as the diffraction of classical waves such as water and sound waves. It is actually an intrinsically quantum mechanical process. Whereas the diffraction of a pattern of water wave requires simultaneous presence.

It is important to understand the physical process that is occurring that leads to the diffraction phenomenon. For brevity, we will consider the diffraction of light through a diffraction grating, which is a transparent material in a grating with a very large number of evenly spread wires embedded. A section of such a grating.

As the light is applied to the grating, the light waves that come between the wires propagate directly, but are absorbed or reflected backward at some ports in the forward direction, the light passing through the spaces between the wires. Will be on the face and interfere with the construction. Whenever light passes through diffraction in path length between the length of light passing through diffraction slits, the state of constructive interference during the study can be understood. Each of these slits will be in the light phase and it will form an image of a mathematically specified location.

A diffraction grating can be used to divide light into its component wavelengths. In general, it gives better wavelength intensity is usually much smaller.

By shining a light into a grating, whose location is D, and measuring the angle where the light is depicted, the atomic spectra of different elements were previously measured.

The image formed on M is called mth order image. Visible light wavelength range, shining an incandescent light through the grating. Diffraction grating having 600 lines per mm. The number is a distance and has to be converted into cases to obtain a wavelength to the standard value.

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