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Discontinue industrial bricklayer installing bricks at construction site

Masonry had been working for many years under a builder. Masonry built many houses exceptionally. One day he decided to retire from this role of Masonry. He went to the builder and told him that I had been working for many years, I decided to retire from this job.

The builder accepted his request and asked Masonry to build a house before retiring. Masonry accepted and built a house because it was not in a proper way and completed construction of the house in a few days.

The masonry came to the builder and gave him the keys to the building. The builder gave the key back and told him that you had worked on me for many years because you are retiring, I would like to give you a house.

It was home to you, Masonry would be shocked and feel upset if I knew in advance that it was for me so I was building my house very effectively, but now I didn’t build it properly. They did not do it whole heartedly.

Whatever we are doing, we should do it wholeheartedly, only then we can get fruitful results from it.

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