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  • A processor is a small chip that resides in computers and other electronic devices.
  • Its basic job is to receive input and provide proper output.

Digital Signal Processor:

A digital signal processor is an integrated circuit designed for high speed manipulations.


Mainly used in

  • Audio
  • Communications
  • Image manipulation
  • Other data acquisition
  • Data control applications.

How analog and digital signals work together:

  • They are writing documents, spell checking, drawing.

Why do we need digital signal processing?

1. Add and subtract:

Addition and subtraction operations are performed fairly easily by general purpose microprocessors in one or very few clock cycles. Digital edition is similar to decimal add.

2. Basically and divided:

Multiple and split operations are more complex. A digital multiplayer consists of a series of changes and add operations http: //WWW.ANALOG and DIGITAL COMPUTERS

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