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Embedded software design application

  • Firmware design approaches for embedded products are purely dependent on the complexity of operations to be prefabricated, speed of operation, required, etc.
  • Two basic methods are used for embedded firmware design. They are ‘Conventional procedural based firmware design’ and ‘Embedded operating system (OS) based design’.
  • Traditional process based design is also known as ‘super loop model’.

Super Loaded Support

  • The super loop-based firmware development approach is adopted for applications that are not time-critical and where response time is not so important. The firmware execution flow for Super Loop-based is as follows:
    • Configure common parameters and initialize memory, registers, etc. of various hardware components.
    • Start the first task and execute it
    • Perform another task
    • Perform next task
    • Perform the last defined task
    • Go back to the first task and follow the same flow

Advanced Operating System (OS) based Aadhaar

Operating system (OS) based approach consists of operating systems, which can be either a general purpose operating system (GPOS) or a real-time operating system firmware. General purpose (GPOS) based design is similar to traditional PC-based application development where the device consists of operating systems (Windows / Unix / Linux) etc.

Prestigious FIRMWARE Development Languages

  • Assembly Language-Based Development
  • High-level language-based development
  • Mixing assembly and high-level language

Prestigious FIRMWARE Development Languages

  • Assembly Language-Based Development
    • Source file object for file translation
    • Library File Creation and Use
    • Linker and locator
    • Object to hex file converter

Development based on development of various languages

  • Efficient code memory and data memory usage (memory optimization)
  • high performance
  • Low-level hardware access
  • Code reverse engineering

Activities in various languages ​​were evaluated

  • High growth time
  • Development dependency
  • Non portable

Benefits of high level language based development

  • Development time reduction
  • Developer independent
  • Portability

Mixed security and high-level language

  • Mixing assembly with high-level language
  • Combining high-level language with assembly
  • Inline assembly

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