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What is ectopic treatment?

Ethical hacking is the process of finding these vulnerabilities in a system and using these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the system, ranging from deleting system files or stealing sensitive information to malicious activities. Many of them think that hacking is an illegal activity and hackers do illegal activities but it is completely wrong. Hacking is of two types.

Hacking Type:

  1. Unethical hacking
  2. ethical hacking


Hackers intend to harm someone’s confidential without their access permission. They .., accessing data without permission, logging user details into their account, leaking confidential information of the organization, are all unethical activities. If an unscrupulous hacker is caught doing illegal activities, it will have serious consequences like paying a fine, serving a jail term of a few years.

ethical hacking

Hackers seek permission to access someone’s confidential information before proceeding with their work, these are legal activities. Some organizations employ a few hackers to spot flaws in their systems and take precautions.

Hammer type

  1. Whitehat hackers
  2. Blackhat hackers
  3. Greyhat hackers

White hunter

Ethical hacking is known as ethical hacking and hackers are also known as ethical hackers or whitener hackers. Organizations take some precautions for flaws in their systems. Ethical hackers ethically suggest some precautions / solutions to the administration using their tools.

Blackheat Hackers / Crackers

Hacking done in an unethical manner is known as unethical hacking and hackers are also known as unethical hackers or blackhat hackers / crackers. Illegal activities are carried out by hackers such as hacking confidential information of a user without any permission, hacking bank accounts, unauthorized access to the system, leaking sensitive information and blackmail.

Great hackers

They cannot include both Whitehat or Blackhat. These are different types of hackers who had no intention of doing illegal activities, they hack confidential data for fun purposes only. After hacking the data they disclose the data to the owner if the owner does not respond to them. If given, he will blackmail them by saying that they will post them on social media. They do all this for fun purposes, they are not more dangerous.

Some types of hide

  1. Computer hacking
  2. Password hacking
  3. Email hacking
  4. Network hacking
  5. Website hacking

Physical Achieving Goals

  • Protect organization privacy was hacked
  • Transparently report all identified vulnerabilities in the computer system to the organization
  • Notify hardware and software vendors of identified vulnerabilities

What is safety?

Any threat that could potentially damage a computer system is called a security threat.

security threats
  1. Physical hazards
  2. Non-physical hazards

Physical Threat

  • Internal danger
  • External threat
  • Human threat

Non-Physical Threats

  • Worms
  • Virus
  • Trojan
  • Spyware

Preventive Measures

  • An organization must have logical security measures
  • An organization must have some kind of cognitive cyber security measures in place
  • The authentication method can be in the form of user ID and strong password, smart card or biometric, etc.
  • Efficient IPS / IDS systems are essential in today’s cyber era

Physical healing phase

  • Step 1: Reconnaissance
  • Step 2: Getting Access
  • Step 3: Clearing Tricks
  • Step 4: Scanning
  • Step 5: Keep Access
  • Step 6: Reporting

Etching steps

Foot printing:

The hacker collects some information such as domain name, IP address, name space, employee information, phone number, email address.

Fake Printing:

Fingerprinting in Ethical Hacking refers to any method that is used to determine the operating system running in the target computer. Fingerprinting is very active and passive like footprinting.

Ethical Hacking Tools

  • netsparker
  • Nmap
  • sqlmap
  • Acunetix

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