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A man is seriously involved in work in his office, suddenly he gets a call and starts running mad at his house. The reason was a fire caused by a short circuit in the apartment in which he was staying. All the apartment members came out of the fire, but their young daughter was standing on the second floor of an apartment and shouting “Daddy you’re gonna save me, come to me”.

Hearing the cry of the little girls, her father was saying “My dear you are unable to see me but I can see you not afraid” I am here jumping off the floor that I will catch you. Hearing her father’s word, a little girl with many beliefs jumped from the floor. Finally, he caught his little girl. The little girl was saved by her father whom she trusted a lot. For any relationship, trust plays an important role in everyone’s life.

I would like to share another story, many passengers were traveling in an airplane, there was a sudden disturbance in the engine and the flight crew could not find what is happening. All the passengers were tired and God was trying to save their lives. Was praying to

A little girl was sitting next to an old man, he was smiling happily, then that old man asked that you are very happy. Being a eunuch you should be stressed about this but you are happy what reason he asked. The little girl replied to him I would not be scared at all because the pilot was my father. The young man was shocked at what the girl trusted in her father.

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