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In our society, we have to face so many people around us. Some people talk with us impartially and some people talk with us in an inappropriate manner.

I met a person who always talked to mw only for the purpose of his need.

I had a friend in my inter. She used to talk to me very closely. I thought she was my friend. And I also used to share all the things with him. My intermediate was completed and we both had a good time at the intermediate.

In my engineering, we were in the same room. But we had a lot of fights. In our first year, there were three members. I have a best friend in my room. But one was not close to me. But he is very jealous when I was close to my best friend.

And she always worked very hard and always wanted to know what other people are doing. I always scolded him for that type of mindset.

One day there was an exam. He prepared very well but when I started reading, he started studying too. There was another quarrel between us.

In this way he was an enemy to us in every situation. There was one more thing between us. He had a friend who was the best for him. But I considered that person my best friend. My best friend does not talk to me whenever I make a mistake about her. This became a big problem for me. I had to compromise with him although I did no wrong.

And whenever he had a problem he would talk to me and get help from me. But he never showed any gratitude to me. I don’t feel about that but I’m upset about how he treats me. But I did not say anything like I am busy and unable to help you. I always tried to help him. And he used to make a rift between me and my best friend. Whenever I did not talk to him, there was a rift between me and my best friend. So it became a condition for me to talk to him. However I made no mistake and tried to explain it to me. But she used to ask me to escape when I apologize to her.

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