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Know your imagination

Fantasies are strange and different sexual desires at their preferred gender or “object”. We always think that we do not need to know something that we do not have. But our brain is a tick bomb, If we want to eliminate it, we have to know how the bomb works. The same goes for our brain, here we are going to have sexual urges towards “things” that we do not know.

You need to know your partner because it can be fatal for your relationship and your partner. “Yes, it’s more intense than we think, feelings and hormones are bad for doing anything. An example is a rape (we all know), you can ask me how it’s a fantasy. Everybody has it” This is not a “type of fantasy but some fantasize about forcing girls against their will, they will find it entertaining. Continue reading the blog to find out more. Let’s go!

What are “fantasies”?

Fantasies Different kinds of thoughts will excite you in your mind There are different types of fantasies, but we are going to look at the most common but not familiar words.

The first one we are going to see is Fetish – Orgasm is a kind of sexual desire or urge towards things, objects, body parts, and fetish is 540+ types. The film, Fifty Shades of Gray, shows how fetish is viewed by people. But today’s world Fetuses are more common. According to a survey, 1 in 3 Americans were involved in the act. Not all things are included in the fetus, the couple may want to “spice things up” in the usual way. Fetish is called a paraphilia

We can getSounds weird If we know examples of types

  • Sexual interest in shoes,
  • Women’s legs
  • Interest in sculptures
  • Fake things
  • By stealing
  • To the little man (full of imaginary things)
  • Balloon (IDK popped up)
  • Clone and so on. If you want to know then click on it contact

It is perfectly okay to imagine it as long as it does not hurt anyone physically or mentally. Always be aware of what your partner likes most The common type of fetish is BDSM or Bandhan


It is an abbreviation for Bondage Dominance Submissive Masochism. We are only going to see the surface level explanation here. We can see in future blogs (paraphilia) About BDSM. BDSM is common and practiced by many people. These people get beaten up and tied up. Bondage is being tied, Dominance-Submissive is a kind of role-play “master-slave”, masochism is a different kind of sexual interest – likes to beat, humiliate, abuse, get pain.

After knowing what BDSM is, we can conclude that forcing it to do so will definitely affect your relationship and the mind of the person. Not everyone likes (and does not like BDSM), beating, beating and humiliating in public. So when you are entering a relationship then communicate your preferences to avoid such tragedy. and for People with this fantasy, that’s fine, In fact, research involves healthier and less deranged people than others.

If you want to know more about psychology Bdsm And sadomasochism , See these links.

Bond example image

As I said nothing is a “forbidden” subject, we need to know everything about our mind and body. Being fictional is a normal thing, feeling guilty about it is nothing. It is proven that women / men who are having fantasies are mentally healthy, so sexual intercourse is part of our health. It is perfectly okay to know your “right” preference without denying it. But problems arise when you force your imagination on your partner.

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