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introduction :

Bored with using flattened phones? Interested in using new technologies? Disappointed at carrying a phone with a large display? If so, the time has come to shift from a traditional phone to a foldable phone.

It is a bit strange hearing about the duration of these phones in flexible screens and working conditions. Let’s see some facts about foldable phones.


The foldable phone technology was tested for more than 3 years. Their first and second generation phones are now launched with a flock of critics.

Innovation required:

Top brands like Moto, Samsung, Honor etc. are disappointed, while people are holding their phones longer. But people need some advanced technological development in the phone to get out of their old phones.

As a result of prolonged efforts, he came up with a new technique to attract people by his so-called crimes.

Problem :

But this foldable technology had much bigger problems unlike previous bleeding edge innovation.

Samsung and Moto:

The moto foldable suffers from a hinge and poor battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is also not optional to get away from problems, which critics have claimed about the breakdown of the display after a very short time …


In the past, we have seen two different types. The first one resembles Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate x. When we open it we get a room screen to use as a tablet. If it is folded there, a secondary display is available for immediate notification.

And the other one looks similar to Samsung’s z fold and moto razor. When they appear we can use it as a common device and when it becomes smaller the size of the phone and possibly in our hands.


The pros of that is we can use a large screen device that fits perfectly in our pocket. But the professionals there were stopped there with many thieves


Going for OLED displays instead of traditional displays to make the phone foldable has been a needy factor as they are thinner than all.


Even Apple uses it for their gadgets, but they covered it with a strong sapphire crystal to keep the screen from breaking.


When we are using OLED displays without the security layer of folders, there is a big chance for wear and tear in the display.


The hinge is also a major thief on these foldable devices. The hinge mechanism on the latest Moto Razor is slightly harder while the folding and revealing process.

And due to the folding process, users can feel the presence of visual crease on the surface on the screen.


Last but not least these folding is not expensive compared to other major devices from top brands.


These technologies are in earlier generations, so we can expect more phones with problems solved in cheaper and more robust form.


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