“Forgive me” – Detailed analysis of the abortion part: 2


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Psychology behind abortion

We saw what is abortion? In our part1 blog, abortion is a (very) personal decision. The mother knows what is good for her and her child, and I am not supporting or opposing just thinking from a woman who cannot produce a child. In my previous blogsTenderness stroke And Parenting vs Psychopath Killer, I shared how the childhood experience, trauma, takes shape in the future. Instead of giving an awesome atmosphere (I don’t want to share my opinion yet). Let’s start our analysis.


There are always two sides to a coin, if we do something (surgery) there will definitely be opposition. Having an abortion makes it difficult to become pregnant, it will cause cancer related to uterus. ButE medical research field does not agree with this rumor, It will reduce the chances of pregnancy when you miscarry in clinics without proper skills or equipment or medical standards. It causes the death of 68,000 women in about a year.

This is due to a ban on abortion, requiring women to perform illegal abortions and leading to their deaths. As I said, its very personal decision if the law forces us (women) to give birth to children. I do not know how the child will grow.

Prevention and its functions


Abortion rates and unexpected pregnancies have decreased significantly since 1990, but still, it is life-threatening

Since it is not legally allowed in many countries

Contraceptive process

Contraceptives are 100 percent effective. If we have taken them at the right time, then speaking pills can be taken before intercourse or after intercourse.

If we take a contraceptive pill before intercourse, there is a cycle that we all call Menses. So it will trap the egg that will not allow the sperm to enter the egg to be fertilized. The second thing is that we can take the pill after intercourse because fertilization will not happen immediately or within several hours. The sperm undergo many changes. So it would be okay to take pills within 5 days of sexual intercourse, the life time of sperm is 5 days. Its main function is to thicken the mucus in the vagina to prevent sperm from entering.

If it is already fertilized it is worth noting that it will not cause abortion. So to avoid the use of all this mess condoms, it not only prevents unexpected pregnancy STD(Sexual dysfunction)

How dangerous is abortion for a woman?

The risk of miscarriage depends on where you are in your pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about death due to miscarriage, 17 times less than death during childbirth. Death from abortion is only 0.0007 risk Which is equivalent to the death caused by a marathon. A first-trimester abortion is performed by vacuole aspiration (97%), which has few side effects, but is not life-threatening.

Second-trimester abortions are performed through the DNC (we saw in Part 1), the risks being mild. In the second and third trimesters, abortions occur only under fatal anomalies or abortions. According to a 2004 survey The risk of becoming pregnant after abortion is much lower than smoking during pregnancy (11%).

The main thing we need to worry about is sepsis, if the miscarriage is not completed properly, i.e. fetal tissue or cells remain in the uterus. It will be affected by the immune system, especially in women who have had multiple miscarriages that increase abnormal placenta movement in the future.

but this Sepsis will occur due to low hospitalization and mortality The risk is reduced as long as it is done by a medical professional. Now the question before us is when will be the right age to have a child?

When can you have a baby?

Women keep puberty at the age of 12 – 13 but not enough to have a child. It takes years for women to function properly. They have high fertility in the early or mid-term. When you turn 30 the fertility rate on aging decreases if you are 30, 44% difficult if you are 35, and 60% if you are over 40, men. Is the opposite of. It is now that true men limit sperm in their lives.

The answer is no, older people get chromosomes and split up. There might be a chance To give birth to a child with

The same goes for women when women between 35 and 40 give birth to a child, it has a chance of being 1/800 Down syndrome. Older women will get a chance (1/100). But this is the only one (no need to fear)

Story of my abortion

Yes, why do women still need to be embarrassed? As we know how painful (emotionally and physically) but if someone goes through this path then there are definitely some valid reasons. Why men are doing nothing, some do not know that they conceived a girl, some did not get upset, some are afraid. If men can make excuses and live another life, then why can’t women. Consider yourself, you are pregnant. The father of your child is your fiancée (good! He’s going to take responsibility)

Your fiance canceled your marriage (for some reason), you are financially unstable, there is no one to support you. There is a lot of pressure, depression on your family that is pressuring you to get an abortion. What will you do now, will you bravely choose to give birth and will struggle with it. You are in a stage of depression, in that state, you cannot even manage yourself so what about your child who is curious about this world.

If a woman is pregnant, it will affect her child and woman. A child who is experiencing all kinds of trauma, it will also make his life difficult. If you don’t want to think yet Let the mother decide if he can be her child There is no need for you to feel guilt or anything if you have had an abortion or are going for you girls. You made a mistake that could lead you to life in a different way. In this situation the child is not good to grow

To prevent this, please avoid Consider contraceptive methods, Be safe, be with reliable men. So you don’t have to start your nightmare again

See this contact To know how women feel after an abortion, refer to this. contact To know how children are struggling to live alone (I am not blaming my parents for leaving them for the lives of their children. But still a better financial situation. Better environment for children )) That’s it for today

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