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Forgiveness and emotional freedom

Forgiveness is the rationale for people to determine that they have been forgiven wrongly when they will relinquish resentment and related reactions (over which they have authority) and to respond to wrongdoers based on the beneficiary’s moral principle Moral love for which passion may include unconditional love generosity.

What is an emotional freedom?

The first point is that you stop following other people’s feelings and have your own. You react rather than react and know how to tolerate and process your emotions, therefore, they can help you rather that will come your way. Because you are rebuilding your self-esteem, you are no longer willing to accept blame for everything that goes wrong.

Ready take responsibility for their actions, but you are not going to make an escape.

There is a whole range of emotions, not just two or three. Now you are avoiding your feelings and are afraid of them.

Feel connected to yourself You know who you are, and you like yourself. You see options you’ve never seen before.

And are no longer limited to other people’s expectations and demands.

Able to do what is right for you.

To say NO, and gain the power to tolerate criticism and conflict. Because you set boundaries and boundaries, you are not afraid of other people’s drama and negativity.

Energy is renewed as you allow creative outlets to relax, play and chase. You are interested in connecting with emotionally healthy people, but you do not feel desperate or needy and take on new relationships slowly.

Do not get stuck, fly and fly high

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