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I am Simran Shriwas and today I am here to tell you about Swadhyaya.
Friends, we all know that forgiveness is very important. One has to forgive every mistake, we have to deal with every situation and forgive everything and start a new beginning.

What is forgiveness ???

So the important question is what is forgiveness ..?

I will discuss this here.

We have to forgive everything just to validate our reality in a good way as well as speak sorry and accept everything in a good ending and leave the quarrels and bad words that we said to each other. And proceed with a good connection.

Forgiveness is often defined as a personal, voluntary internal process that leads to resentment of feelings and thoughts, bitterness, anger, and the need for vengeance and retaliation toward someone who assures us that we have , We have also been wronged.

: The real defense of forgiveness .. ??

What is the correct meaning or we can say the correct definition of forgiveness ………. …….

A conscious, angry, deliberate decision that makes feelings restless towards one person or one group that is harmful to all.

: The main reason behind this…

What is the reason behind this?
Sometimes we are in some frustrations, angry, arrogant who expresses our anger and it turns into a quarrel, then the quarrels turn into bad comments and bad words and this is the main reason we need to stop the quarrel and without The conversation has to continue its conversation.
Fights and dirty politics….

:important point…

1) We have to forget and forgive whatever was in our life.

2) No one is allowed to rule our lives whether they have to travel a distance whether they are close or far ..

3) We have to forgive a silly quarrel and communication.

4) We make sure that we do not speak such bad words which is harmful to our relationships.

5) No bad words and bad comments are potrate because they all upset the relationship, and fights lead to more unrest.

Thank you..

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