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introduction :

Are you an explorer Bored at visiting those regular places? Desire to see the land of fire? Want to feel the heat of 270 ° F and above? … If yes, then let us join the journey of reading about the gate of hell.

Gates of hell:

The gates of hell are known as gates of hell or door gas craters.

place :

It was located in the desert of Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country bordering Iran and Afghanistan.

Distance :

It takes about three hours from Ashgabat to reach the land of fire. There is a pit about 170 miles (273.59 km) north of the city. For a diameter of 230 mi (370.15 km) and a depth of 98 ft (29.87 m). The size of the pit measures about two-thirds the size of a football field.

Fifteen minutes was the longest time a person could survive inside a pit. Poisonous methane gas was loaded inside the pit. Which is ready to burn at any time.


Analysis of sand in the crater has proved the presence of some microscopic species living even at that extreme temperature.

Forbidden to enter:

And the mysterious crater remained with strict laws for individuals to visit inside the crater. Nevertheless, they now allowed only one person to travel inside the glory of fire.

The Karkum Desert is about 70 percent of the total area of ​​the country. It was under Soviet rule for most of the 20th century.

Mysterious Fire:

The fire incident is still a mysterious thing, but they believe that it was burning since the 1970s.



According to the Smithsonian magazine, it is reported that a group of geologists built the crater during the discovery of oil. He found an abundance of methane gas in that pit.

The land had collapsed due to the presence of heavy equipment, and moved into a large pit.

He thought about setting a fire in methane gas and speculated that the fire could last a few weeks. But his decision could not succeed that the fire he keeps burning keeps burning due to the presence of methane gas.

Guide Stories:

There are many theories revolving around there about the year of the dug and when, how it set a fire. Various guides had various myths about the fire incident to attract those visitors with their short stories.

One of those theories states that the presence of water movement under the desert is one of the reasons for the crater incident.

First step:

The fire at the gates keeps on burning for a decade or centuries. But Kourouni was the only person allowed to conduct research under the crater.


George Couronis was a Canadian-born explorer. He was almost buried alive in an avalanche and even went inside the volcanoes.

Special Suit:

He made his journey to explore the things inside the pit with the help of a special suit. Which is capable of heat even in those highest temperatures.

He tried to get permission from the Turkmen government about research about the presence of micro-species inside the crater.

To know about the species’ abilities to survive even in those hottest conditions.


He says that with similar lifestyles it helps to see the huge possibilities of species presence in another planet.

His efforts:

But his first attempt to create a campaign was canceled by the Turkmen government.

Turkmenistan is the same country as North Korea. They refuse to allow people from other countries to make expenditures in their land.

After a period of 4 years he got a chance to make a spent ion in a lovely crater filled with methane gas.

Feel the heat:

He said that if we stand near the edges of the crater we should feel the heat inside our body, and we can feel its presence inside the hottest oven.

Travel to reach inside:

Kaurauni reached inside the pit with the help of Rope and his companions. After sampling and returning to the field, he faints due to the presence of excess methane inside the pit.

Hell’s Door is now a famous tourist destination. To protect people from fire, the government took some measures such as fencing around the fence.


Lights attract birds, and mouths around craters due to the presence of fire. Turkmenistan is one of the least tourist visited places in the world.


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