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The term geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream individuals; In current usage, the term generally refers to an expert or enthusiast who is associated with a hobby or intellectual activity, a “peculiar person, especially one who is considered highly intellectual, uncommon, dull or socially uncomfortable.” Goes. A visitor wearing a geek shirt and a VR headset at a geek picnic (Moscow) uses the word self-referentially without intent or intention.

* Derivation

In the 1970s TV shows such as Sanford and Sun and Starsky and Hutch, the term was used for comedy effect. In the 1976 Bounty Hunter episode of Starski and Hutch, it is stated that “a geek is a freak in the edge of a circus, who is placed in a pit and throws snake and chicken heads at them, and he goes mad here.” – Runs there and “” Geeks formed their union in 1932. ” In this episode, Starski and HugiBear says that they read it in an incredible book.

* defination

A carnival performer whose acting usually involves beheading a live chicken or snake. 2017, whose fourth is “a carnival artist who performs sensually morbid or bites”.

Glasses soon became a defining feature of the trend, with the media trying to identify various celebrities, such as “David Geek” or “going” to wear such glasses, such as David Beek.

* effect

In particular, technically focused geeks now exert a strong influence on the global economy and society. Although earlier generations of geeks began working in research departments, laboratories, and supporting roles, they are now increasingly holding senior corporate positions and exercising substantial commercial and political influence. President Barack Obama met Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and CEO of the world’s largest technology companies at a private dinner in Wu.

*important point

A geek is a person who is highly committed to technology and is connected to computers and the Internet. … It is considered an accolade in some circles to be called a geek because the term means a high level of ability. Nerds and propeller heads have similar designations.

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