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Them: They like to give gifts to parents

It is a little girl’s birthday. Her parents organized a grand party and invited her family members, friends. They all bought great gifts for the little girl. All the members of the party enjoyed well and returned to their homes.

As we know the little children were very excited about the gift. The little girl runs into the room with joy and enthusiasm and is very eager to open the gifts. She received many lovely gifts and was very happy to see them,

His father gets upset seeing them and feels that nobody has bought a gift for him. The little girl was saddened to see her father and told her father, Daddy closed his eyes. His father closed his eyes, then he took a gift pack label and wrote on it “A GIFT FROM THE GOD” Affixed the label to his forehead and asked his father to open his eyes. The father opened his eyes and was very happy to see the gifts to the gods.

The gift of the gods is his daughter.

“Need to keep away from your heart one day, will never grow from your heart”

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