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In ecology, a type of natural environment in which a specific species of organism lives is a habitat. A species of habitat is where species can find food, shelter, defense, and breeding mates. It is distinguished by both physical and biological characteristics.

Physical variables may include, for example, soil, humidity, temperature range and light intensity. Biological variables will be needed in the supply of food and the presence or absence of predators. Under the circumstances in which it can survive, each organism requires some habitat, but some are tolerant of major changes, while others are very particular under their requirements. Habitat is not inherently a geographical area, inside a stem, a rot log, a rock or a group of rocks.

** Definition and Derivation **

Since around 1755, the habitat has been used, from Latin habitat, to reside, reside or reside. Habitat can be depicted as the natural environment of an organism, where it is natural to live and grow. It is similar in meaning to a biotope; A specific group of plants and areas associated with animals with similar environmental conditions.

**environmental factors**

Temperature, humidity, climate, soil, and light intensity and the presence or absence of all the requirements to help the organism are major environmental factors, generally speaking, particular types of plant communities are based on animal communities. In many types of areas, some plants and animals meet housing requirements. For example, on all continents, the small white butterfly Pieris rapa is found.

A microhabitat is the small-scale physiological requirements of a single organism or population. Significant numbers of microorganisms are included in any habitat, with slightly different exposure to light, humidity, temperature, air movement, and other factors. Lichens that grow on the northern face of a boulder differ from those growing on the south face, from the floor above and those growing on the ground; Lichens that grow in grooves and on embossed surfaces are different.

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