Harassing your middle school child to have sex


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How to Edit Your Middle School Child Part 2

In a previous blog, we looked at the basics of Part 1, Sex Ed. In this blog, we can see how to educate your middle school child Educate them about what they are doing. Yes, youth all passed this important phase. But we didn’t know many things at that time, Why is something strange happening to me? , Is this normal? Can I ask questions about this? Am I the only one who suffers? … so many questions have penetrated inside our head, we get those answers after so many years.

But you know how stressed you are and it will give rise to misconception.Do you need your child like what did we do? .no right!. Add sex to my child with me, then let me get into the topic.


PYouth is the stage where you grow up from the child’s body to the adult body, emotionally, physically and socially.. You are an adult! You deserve to know what is happening in your body and your friend’s body. You will notice many things going crazy around you, such as:

  1. Hair,
  2. Height,
  3. sound,
  4. Your mood,
  5. Pimples in face,
  6. body odor

These are common things that will change all notices regardless of gender.


A girl with long hair
There is hair everywhere

You can see that your hair becomes thicker not on the head but on the whole body, your feet, hands. Where you could not see any hair like armpits, around the genitals. Boys have hair on their face, chest, body. It is caused by the male hormone androgens, even girls produce small amounts of androgens (you can see some facial hair on girls as well). If you have more hair, it depends on the gene and the place where you were born. Hence It is normal to have a hairy person.

Why humans have hair on their bodyOne. As mammals all have hair on their entire body, we have an average of 5 million hairs on our body. It is a cold system of the human body, sweat glands make us cool, warm (temperature regulation), it is also a sensory organ. Hair will be developed in the fetus.

Why do we have hair around the genitals?. As in the above paragraph, hair is a cooling mechanism. Our skin around the genitals is sensitive, so the hair protects it from injury during sex or other activities. This is called “dry lubricant”. And giving up genital hair is a personal choice not related to hygiene.

The height

The height
The height

Not that all will grow 6 feet, but We can see in youth that we will grow much longer than we were And you should notice that some of your friends are way too long, some or not (it depends). All do not reach their puberty at the same age, the one who reaches first, they become tall, others take time.


You must have noticed that you are changing and there is no childish, Girls’ voices will decrease, boys during puberty their voices will not be masculine, but this crack (its embarrassing but you are growing!)

body odor

body odor
body odor

You will see that Your body smell is getting stronger Due to hormones in puberty, to avoid this, we know what to do for bathing, use deodorant.

weight gain

Weight gain in puberty
Weight gain in puberty

At a young age, you may have noticed that you have gained some weight, For boys, they become muscular, for girls you become shapely in your hips, thighs, booty and chest.

Pimples in face

image of pimples
Pimples in face

Changes in hormone levels will cause pimples on your face, it may be a few or several pimples. If you are related to it, see this link below https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/acne/derm-treat/severe-acne

Your mood will change. You are confused, emotional, sexually active, is this normal?

Puberty for girls

Puberty for girls
  • Girls will face changes:
  • breast,
  • period,
  • Vagina.

Girl’s breasts develop into pubertyIn various sizes. It takes a few years to fully develop, some may even have different sized breasts. But this is very common.

Periods, we discussed this in a previous blog. It is called Menstrual Just a small recurrence, unfertilized eggs will come along the lining of the uterus through the vagina with “pain”. It can last for 3 to 5 days, but in the early puberty stage, it takes time to adjust. The duration of girls can be 8 days or more than one day. And yes, many girls suffer from menstrual cramps.

Do you know what it feels like to have menstrual cramps? I am not exaggerating. its Equivalent to heart attack pain. If we measure it in scale 10 it will be 5 to 8. In severe cases such as dysmenorrhea, it is worse. Well, instead of understanding the pain of girls, they try to make fun of them. It is not easy to be in this period, there are 8 girls out of 10 who are suffering PCOD I, e no period. You can ask me if it is painful it is okay to live without periods but it is not. It is saying that there is something wrong with your uterus.

If you are concerned with period cramps, then check out this link. https://www.healthpartners.com/blog/when-to-see-a-doctor-for-menstrual-cramps/#:~:text=If%20you%20have%20severe%20menstrual,or%20ultrasound%20might% 20be% 20needed.

The vagina will be discharged not only at periods, but also without periods, White milky color, or white water color. This is very common. But if the color changes or there is some foul smell, you need to consult a doctor. Click this link to let me know about vaginal dischargehttps://www.healthline.com/health/vaginal-discharge

Youth for boys

You can see many strange things like Erection, wet dreams, testicles. An erection will occur when your penis is filled with blood, increases in size, and becomes rigid. This happens when you are having sexual thoughts but in puberty, it can happen irregularly. Don’t worry that it will subside in years. Your body needs time to adjust itself.

Wet dreams are like an erection and ejaculation, but in sleep, it is very common during puberty stage. The testicle, where the sperm accumulates, will grow. If you feel any lump or discomfort or pain, then you need to consult a doctor. Click this link to know more about testicular pain https://www.healthline.com/health/testicle-pain

Puberty stage is very normal, If you need any guidance or feel uncomfortable then do not hesitate to consult a doctor or school nurse or a trusted elderly. And that’s it for today.

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