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Only in one’s expressions can ‘IoT’ be a part of home automation a few decades ago. But what do you know? It is almost too good to be true technology, taking in true essence around the world. It is slowly but steadily becoming a neighborhood of daily life around the world. It is believed that the worldwide market for smart home automation will reach $ 40 billion by 2020. This should not be a surprise once you consider convenience and provide smart home devices.

Introduction to home automation

This makes it easier to manage multiple devices because IoT devices are interconnected. Driving a car on a summer day, instead of turning on the air conditioning once you arrive home and waiting for your house to cool down, you can ask your smart thermostat to lower the temperature to ask your office Only use your smartphone after exiting. Or imagine you are making dinner, and you ask Alexa, the voice assistant on the Amazon Echo, to read you the biggest news today so that you specialize in chopping those vegetables.

These days, there is a huge range of devices powered by IoT. Devices such as thermostats, security systems, refrigerators and even dryers and kettles can be controlled by IoT. With the passage of time, more devices are added and bound with smarter features.

Undisputed advantage:

Home automation benefits

Smart homes

The houses

IoT’s smart technologies transform ordinary homes into smart homes. These technologies have changed the lives of homeowners in a way.

IoT products by the Amazon Echo and Google Home companies have played a serious role in transforming ordinary homes into smart homes. These technologies combined with other smart devices have changed the lives of homeowners in a way.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats provide homeowners with the power to save a lot of energy costs by controlling the heating of their home from a mobile device. Whether you want to check out your thermostat at the grocery store or before you leave work early, you’ll have everyone remotely rolled up with a sensible thermostat.

As the name suggests, this technique also comes with greater heating power. Smart thermostats allow the use of zoning to selectively heat different areas of your home. Users can customize the temperature of each room individually, which is ideal for relationships that feel cold more easily. Using energy charting features, you will also set a heating schedule to create a more efficient heating plan and save further costs. With a heating schedule that suits your lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about making manual temperature adjustments. Overall, smart thermostats are very welcome for any intelligent home.

Smart device

Home appliance

Even household appliances are becoming smarter. Companies such as LG have manufactured washing machines, dryers and even refrigerators, which will now be controlled through voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Even the chaos of cleaning is resolved as iRobot develops Roomba – an automated hoover that cleans your home and is probably controlled via Alexa.

Smart entertainment


IoT devices provide a seamless experience for entertainment purposes. With an IoT Command Assistant, you can control speakers, TVs, home lighting, and more. For example, having a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo device allows for synchronized audio control throughout your home.

So, you will not listen to music, a podcast, or audiobook from anywhere in your home that has no other equipment. Television has become even more interactive with voice control features that have eliminated the need for foreign control.

smart Security

smart Security

Home security methods have also become more advanced due to IoT technology. Homeowners can use CCTV camera footage and manage their home security systems from anywhere around the world via their smartphone. Motion sensors in your home can inform and inform your smartphone of any suspicious activity. Even the doors and locks are smart.

Doorbells are integrated with cameras, so you’ll see who is ringing your doorbell before answering the door. And smart locks have eliminated the need for keys; When you are expecting from the company you will control your security with your phone and can even enable guest access.

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